"Giving your wife what you could never give her"

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This is my wife and I although I no longer have access to her pussy.  She has a Bull and she is off to stay with him this weekend.  Are you married, have a girlfriend and are you a Bull to many couples?

This is my wife and I although I no longer have access to her pussy.  She has a Bull and she is off to stay with him this weekend.  Are you married, have a girlfriend and are you a Bull to many couples?

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Anonymous asked: Swedish Bull -- Never in my life have I possessed the natural self-confidence and commanding presence you seem to embody. That, as much as anything else, I suspect, is why women seem to fall at your feet. You have one photo on your site of a beautiful man with a very nice cock, a beautiful woman rapturously on her knees before it, with a caption which starts with "Women will always choose the Alpha Male". Looking at the photo, I think to myself, "Hell, I'd also choose the Alpha Male."

Haha thank you, as always its fun to hear your reactions and comments.

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Anonymous asked: When you use the phrase "the stronger man" to refer to a woman choosing you over her boyfriend or husband, what, exactly, do you have in mind? Physical prowess (i.e., larger than average cock, long-lasting erection, toned, muscular body) or the whole package, physical and mental -- your attitude, just a kind of natural commanding authority? It's clear you're one of those guys I've wished I was all my life.

It’s certainly an interesting question. I can picture you right now. You try to understand it. Understand why. Cognitively process it. Break it down. Desperately try to analyse it. It’s no use.

All the while, your woman just smiles, sitting in my lap. I’ll leave it at that for now.

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Anonymous asked: Your website has led to a sort of self-revelation on my part. That is, I am equally aroused by the respective power of the women who cuckold and the bulls or alpha males (an apt description of yourself). As another writer said, you are truly at the top of the pyramid. Like him, I am humbled, as I am nowhere near the top of the pyramid. I've no desire to be humiliated as a cuckold, but I would be excited at the prospect of watching you in action sometime. Would that be possible?

Great to hear my blog has you thinking, that is one my goals. As to watching me in action, haha I don’t do any cams / shows or anything like that if that’s what you are asking. Some cucks have of course witnessed their wife being fucked by me, but I’ve often met separately with girls also.

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Anonymous asked: Great site. Best one I've seen since I recently discovered the world of cuckolding, bulls and Alpha Males. Your site, especially, offered an elucidating perspective. I am definitely not an Alpha Male. I accept that. I also do not see myself as a cuckold who wishes to be humiliated. I admire the power of dominant women. But I am equally in awe -- in fact sexually excited -- by you as an Alpha Male, as well as other well-hung, muscular bulls. Still sorting out my feelings about this.

I’m glad you like the blog. Your feelings are quite natural in the sense that people have always, through all ages, idolized and been attracted to power and resourcefulness. It is neither male nor female, but a force that affects us all, some more than others. You do right to search your feelings and welcome them.

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Anonymous asked: I have been reading your blog and I must say I am in awe of the intelligence, wisdom, humour and kindness you bring to the subject of cuckolding. The way you answer questions shows an incredible insight into life that is truly inspirational. And what is so hot is that you seem to possess qualities that we don't often see together; you are dominant yet compassionate, sexy as hell yet incredibly wise and understanding. I tip my hat to you as a superior human being! Thank you for your blog :)

Thank you! I’m glad some of my personality shines through, and I do feel that I’m quite mature for my age. I take my role as Bull seriously and I expect the same from the couples I talk to and meet, it has worked great so far.

I’ve met incredible people here and on other sites and to be honest a few nasty people as well. I value my time and I’m only willing to invest in relations that work both ways. Feedback from fans, couples, cucks and girls is always great and I enjoy reading every single one of your emails and messages. Love the submissions and “Swedishbull” writings on your tits that I’ve been getting, drawings would be cool to. Anyone artsy out there? ;)

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Anonymous asked: Dear Sir, Thank you so much for your amazing site :) I was wondering to what extent you accept participation from the cuck husband..Would you be turned on if he was to lick off your cum from his wife? Would you allow him to give you a blowjob or lick your ass? Would you allow him to give you a non-sexual massage? Thanks again for your awesome blog!

As I’ve said before, I’m into women and I’ve little interest in doing anything directly sexual with the cuck to be honest. That being said, I still see the cuck and his attitude as incredibly important components. I feel that a calm, submissive, generous, obidient cuck who serves the hotwife and her Bull can contribute a lot the the sexual tension. It’s not a requirement since I’ve met with couples where the man is not submissive, but it can certainly be a very good thing for the mood.